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The network and cabling systems are the lifeblood of any organisation. They form the backbone of your ICT infrastructure, serving a wide range of uses including carrying business-critical data, voice, multimedia, security, VoIP, PoE, and even wireless connections throughout your offices, buildings and more.

Technology is constantly evolving, and the price of not keeping up can be costly for businesses. Having supported some of the world’s leading companies, we are well positioned to help you meet growing user communication demands, reduce the risk of network failure, and address any potential issue. All this requires forward thinking, together with a deep knowledge of the latest industry innovation and this, Nedcom can deliver.

We fully understand that every organisation is unique. Let us work with you to identify your current and future requirements, by taking into consideration factors such as your current applications, solution life cycle and compatibility, bandwidth demands, and evolving growth needs.

Whether you’re looking for a Cat5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7, UTP, FTP, F/UTP, or S/FTP structured cabling system, in single-mode, multi-mode, traditional fibre optic system or blown fibre optic system, we have the solution that is designed for your business. Our dedicated approach further helps you lower both installation and OpEx costs, and gives you the peace of mind that all your cabling needs are always met.